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1 Duc De Paris Brut Spk 75Cl + 1 Aviva Rose 75Cl

43 AED 72 AED
Duc De Paris Brut Spk 75Cl

French sweet sparkling wine, produced by the Charmat method by double fermentation. Fresh and fruity aroma, apple taste, pears with a refreshing lemon finish.

Aviva Rose 75Cl

As soon as you shake one of our bottles, no one can look away. Aviva is the first sparkling wine drink that manages to change the traditional texture to create something unique and magical. A lava effect, bright, visually dense, but liquid and refreshing in the mouth. An effect that has been imitated by many, but none can overshadow the original. Aviva Rose is warm, sweet, fruity, with a base of moscatel and particles that turn the bottle into a flare only by stirring it. This is a wine to share and enjoy with friends, especially if you want to impress with its mesmerizing movements and refreshing taste! Aviva Rose will make your evenings sparkle.

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