1 Btl Gibson's Dry Gin 1L + 1 Red Bull Reg. Cans 25 Cl

29 AED 43 AED
Gibson's Dry Gin 1L

Gibson's Gin s an Authentic London Dry Gin produced according to the original recipe which certifies its high quality, and distilled in England from the best selection of grains.With its subtle aromas of juniper berries, coriander, angelica and orange zest, Gibson's Gin develops a fine delicate bouquet, the freshness of which is much appreciated by connoisseurs. Its taste constitutes an excellent basis for cocktails and its bitterness goes perfectly with citrus fruits.

Red Bull Reg. Cans 25 Cl

Vitalizes Body and Mind. Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, and in highly demanding professions. It contains Caffeine, Taurine, B-group vitamins, sugars, and water.

  • CountryENGLAND
  • Food PairingCOCKTAILS
  • Type of BeverageSPIRITS, GIN
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