Beefeater 24 Premium Gin Red 75Cl

140 AED

The aroma is strikingly similar to Beefeater Gin. Citrus, juniper and the slightest hint of licorice root beneath it. The citrus is a bit more bright and at the fore. Seville Orange zest lends Beefeater 24 a note that reminds of Chase’s Seville Orange Gin. Beefeater 24 is quite pleasant with sweet citrus, including notes of lemon rind and sweet lime— that moves into a mid-palate with juniper. Though less juniper-forward, the juniper is still here and remains the gin’s centerpiece. The finish is long and dry, there’s a grassy, vegetal note of warm green tea. Moderate astringency.

  • CountryENGLAND
  • Type of BeverageGIN, SPIRITS
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