Celebrate Sparkling Wine Week With 25% Cashback Deals


Join the festivities of Sparkling Wine Week. Enjoy a 25% cashback on top notch brands. It's time to uncork the bottles and savor the effervescent delight of offers on your sparkling wines. Calling all wine lovers in the UAE get ready to raise your glasses and celebrate this occasion with a touch of sparkle.

This week is dedicated to adding elegance and sophistication to every gathering whether it's an affair or a grand celebration. Indulge in the crispness of Prosecco, the sweetness of Spumante or the richness of a red. There's something for everyone.


cashback deals on sparkling wines


Exclusive Offer


Centaurus International, your trusted online beverage retailer in the UAE has an offer just for you; enjoy 25% cashback on selected sparkling wines. Delve into a world of bubbles. Choose from our curated selection of premium drinks.

  1. Austo: Experience charm with Austo, which perfectly embodies Italy’s rich winemaking tradition.
  2. Bottega : Elevate your celebration with Bottega. A brand renowned for its luxury and unwavering quality.These bottles are filled with perfection guaranteeing an experience, with every sip.
  3. Canti: Indulge in the refreshing flavor of a beloved Italian sparkling wine renowned for its crispness and versatility. Ideal for toasting to lifes moments.
  4. Donna Lorenza: Immerse yourself in the allure of Donna Lorenza from Italy skillfully crafted with passion and expertise. Each bottle represents the commitment and dedication of the winemakers behind this brand.
  5. Montresor: Embark on a journey into the world of Montresor, where tradition meets innovation. These wines are a tribute to the winemaking heritage of Italy’s Veneto region.
  6. Sensi 18K: Delight in the opulence of Sensi 18K beverages, known for their bubbles and exquisite flavor profiles. These wines embody luxury and refinement at its finest.
  7. Jacobs Creek: Discover the wines from Australia. A name synonymous with excellence and uncompromising quality. Each bottle reflects the winerys unwavering dedication to producing wines that possess character.
  8. Duc De Paris: Let Duc De Paris transport you to enchanting vineyards in France capturing the essence of elegance and finesse. Each bottle is a testament, to the artistry of winemaking providing a taste that evokes landscapes found in the Champagne region.
  9. Henkell: Known for its flavor and outstanding quality Henkell embodies the essence of German winemaking. Treat your senses to the combination of flavors that this remarkable German gem has to offer.
  10. Freixenet: Take a journey, to the sun drenched vineyards of Spain.The Spanish sparkling wine, crafted using age techniques boasts a harmony of crispness and fruity notes. Its lively bubbles and refreshing taste have earned it a place in the hearts of wine enthusiasts


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