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Every year as June kicks off we come together to toast to National Bubbly Day an occasion dedicated to savoring the sparkle of champagne and sparkling wines. This festive day isn't about enjoying a glass of bubbly; it's also a time to reflect on the history and cultural significance behind these effervescent beverages.


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Unveiling the Origins of National Bubbly Day

National Bubbly Day was established as a tribute to the tradition of indulging in champagne and sparkling wine a practice that traces its roots back to the century. While credit for inventing champagne is often given to Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk who revolutionized its production process sparkling wines had already been part of celebrations for centuries. This day serves as a nod to this legacy and the delight that bubbles bring into our lives.


These fizzy drinks have long been synonymous with festivities, opulence and joyous occasions. They are the beverages of choice for raising a toast during life events like weddings, anniversaries ringing in New Years Eve or celebrating achievements. The effervescence found in these libations symbolizes merriment and cheerfulness making them companions, for marking milestones.

How to enjoy National Bubbly Day

  • Throw a Tasting Party: Invite your friends and family over for a tasting event. Sample bubblies ranging from brut to rosé and explore flavors that you love.
  • Pair with Delicious Foods: These fizzy drinks complement a range of dishes. Prepare an assortment of appetizers, cheeses and desserts that go well with your bubbly selections.
  • Explore a Vineyard or Winery: If possible visit a vineyard or winery. Many places offer tours and tastings that can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of these effervescent drinks.
  • Discover History: Dive into the origins and production methods of bubbly drinks. Engage with captivating documentaries and literature about this topic.
  • Take Advantage of Deals: Look out for discounts to stock up on your preferred wines. For example, Centaurus International, an online liquor store in the UAE is currently running an enticing offer—15% cashback on selected champagnes and sparkling wines.
  • Host a Virtual Cheers: If meeting in person isn't feasible organize a toast with loved ones. Send out invitations have everyone pick their bubbly and raise glasses together virtually
  • Mix Up Bubbly Cocktails: Get creative by crafting cocktails using sparkling wine. Timeless favorites, like the Mimosa, Bellini and French 75 are sure to be crowd pleasers.
  • Bubbly Brunch : Start your day with a Bubbly Brunch by hosting a gathering that includes bubbly drinks. Pair it with breakfast classics such, as eggs Benedict, smoked salmon and fresh fruits for a morning experience.
  • Bubbly Bar : Create a DIY Bubbly Bar where guests can mix and match mixers, fresh fruits and herbs to craft their personalized sparkling wine cocktails.
  • Bubbly and Dessert Pairing : Indulge in a Bubbly and Dessert Pairing party where you can enjoy treats like macarons, chocolate covered strawberries and lemon tarts alongside drinks for a taste experience.
  • Bubbly Trivia Night: Test your knowledge with a fun Bubbly Trivia Night centered around drinks. Prepare facts about their history, production methods and various types of bubbly for an evening.
  • Photo Booth : Capture moments at the event by setting up a Photo Booth with props like champagne glasses, bottles and playful signs that will add joy to your celebration through fun photos.
  • Spa Day : Treat yourself to a spa experience at home. Sip on a glass of sparkling wine while enjoying bubble baths, face masks and pampering treatments.
  • Get into the Groove with Music and Dancing : Put together a playlist of music. Dance your heart out. Let the lively essence of bubbly beverages inspire your dance moves.
  • Craft Bubbly Gift Baskets: Create personalized gift baskets with a bottle of sparkling wine, tasty gourmet snacks and classy glasses for a gesture.


Raise your glass, revel in the sparkle and celebrate National Bubbly Day with loved ones amidst laughter, joy and lots of bubbly cheer. Order drinks online in UAE