Butlers Blue Curacao 75Cl

74 AED

Blue Curacao is a sweet blue liqueur, distilled and flavored from the dried peel of bitter oranges. It can also contain distillates of lemons and curacao fruit, sugar and wine. A mystical liqueur with extracts of orange flavour. Enjoy its versality and appeal in passionate blue cocktails. The bountiful blue lagoon swallows you whole as you and your mates indulge in flavoursome fish bowls, made famous by Butlers Blue Curacao. This is made the same way that Triple Sec is made, using orange peels and soaking them in distilled water. The liqueur is blue in colour and is often used to create striking blue cocktails.

  • Food PairingCOCKTAILS
  • Type of BeverageLIQUOR
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