DEI Rosa Toscana Bio 75cl

141 AED

Our rosé comes from the "Martiena" vineyard, which is located in front of the winery and whose grapes are therefore the first to reach the reception area during the harvest. The grapes destined for Rosa are harvested a couple of weeks earlier than those for Rosso di Montepulciano: when the veraison is complete and the acidity level is still high with a good sugar content. The wine is characterised by a soft pink colour, its bouquet is rich in fresh aromas, especially flowers and fruit, red and soft. Moderate acidity, fresh fruit aromas such as cherry, strawberry, raspberry and orange blossom.

  • Ages & Vintages2021
  • CountryITALY
  • Grapes Variety & BlendSANGIOVESE ROSE
  • RegionTOSCANA
  • Type of BeverageROSE WINE
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