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Eau De Vie De Framboise 70 Cl

154.00 AED
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Type of Beverage: spirits, brandy
Food Pairing: cocktails
Country: France
Limpid colorless, with a characteristic shine of Fruit Brandies. Frank and typical of Raspberry, without any foreign note. This sustained nose marks the quality of the selection of the original fruits and the delicacy of the distillation. The Raspberry note is immediately identifiable as a freshly picked fruit. Fruity and floral fragrance, very volatile which is a real invitation to tasting. At the level of aromas, classic grading in Eaux-de-Vie fruit structured in 3 major organoleptic notes: Very subtle floral note, type white flowers. Intense fruity note, with first perception of fresh fruit to which is added that of ripe fruit and fruit in marmalade or jam. Spicy note with a very present end giving the final structure to this organoleptic profile. 

Type of Beverage
spirits, brandy
Food Pairing
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