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Hoegaarden Btl 33 CL X 24

185.00 AED
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Type of Beverage: spirits
Food Pairing: cocktails
Country/Region: Belgium
Hoegaarden [HOOgarden] has roots going back to 1445 when in Hoegaarden, a small Belgian village, a recipe was developed in which traditional ingredients were balanced. The spicy coriander and hint of Curacao orange peel give it a superior refreshing character and surprisingly smooth taste.

Hoegaarden is best served in its typical hexagonal glass which shape and extra tick cut help to keep the beer colder for longer. Some say that the shape dates back to an inspired use of jam jars one day when the village ran out of glasses. Whether this is truth or myth doesn’t really matter, fact is that a unique beer deserves a unique glass and that we cannot stress enough.

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