Kavaklidere Lal Dry Rose 75cl

44 AED

The favourite rose wine of Turkey, “Lal” is produced from “Çal Karası” grapes grown in Denizli. This delicious rose wine has attractive red fruit aromas, fresh acidity and persistency of flavors. Sec grape : Çal Karası. region : Denizli/Aegean. colour : bright salmon pink. smell : It attracts attention with its red fruit flavors such as strawberry and raspberry. taste : Tasty, balanced and aromas are lasting and fresh on the palate. meal match : It can be consumed as an aperitif at any time of the day, and it goes well with grilled fish and chicken, lightly spiced pizza and pasta. Produced from Denizli's Çal Karası grape, Lâl is a delicious rosé wine with intense red fruit aromas, striking roundness and lasting aromas.

  • Ages & Vintages2021
  • Grapes Variety & BlendCAL KARASI
  • StyleDRY WINE
  • Type of BeverageROSE WINE
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