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Papadiablo Mezcal Especial 75Cl

543 AED

DESCRIPTION: An oxymoron of a name (Papa – Pope; Diablo – Devil) which I think describes perfectly the complexity you will experience with this ensemble. The creators of Papadiablo have accumulated a wealth of knowledge which has been passed on throughout many generations, and they strongly (and rightly!) believe that the most important factor in creating anything, is to use what nature has given us. They use only organic material, and even distill to proof, without adjusting the ABV with added water. Cooked agave, was and still is to this day a spiritual drink. In ancient ceremonies it was drunk to connect us with the gods. Mezcal is a combination of all 4 elements which, according to many would be the pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment. Fire is used to transform the starches of the agave. Earth is represented in the crushing of the baked agave. Water is represented in both fermentation. Air is represented in the evaporation and condensation needed in distillation. Body: Transparent, medium bodied. Aroma: Juicy pineapple and spice on the nose. Palate: Musty and vegetal sweetness come through in this very complex Mezcal. Finish: A fiery finish of paprika that takes its time and lingers.

  • CountryMEXICO
  • Type of BeverageMEZCAL, AGAVE SPIRITS