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Polar Pilsen Beer Bottle 33Cl PROMO X 12 Case

80 AED
Polar Pilsen Beer Bottle 33Cl

Polar Pilsen Beer, is a blonde Pilsner-type beer. Polar Pilsen has accompanied Venezuelans since 1941, with the same dedication, perseverance and effort that Venezuelans put into everything they do day after day. Polar has been accompanying and providing an essence that is and will continue to be Polar Pilsen, our authentic flavor, for more than 77 years. Ingredients: Water, malted barley, cereals, hops and stabilizers. Contains 41 calories per 100 ml. The color of Polar Pilsen beer is golden and it has a white foam. The aroma of Polar Pilsen beer is slightly malt and corn. TASTE: Light-bodied, slightly sweet. Malt and corn.

  • CountryVENEZUELA
  • Food PairingAPERITIF
  • Type of BeverageBEER
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