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Hennessy Prive Cognac 70Cl

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Type of Beverage: spirits, cognac
Food Pairing: sweet snacks, cocktails, creamy treats
Country: France
Structured and elegant, drawing inspiration from Art Deco, Hennessy Privé pays tribute to its creator James Hennessy who in 1920 entrusted the secrets of the blend to cellar Master Alfred Fillioux. A man of some power and taste, James Hennessy enjoyed significant influence within French society and politics in the early 20th century. He rubbed shoulders with political leaders, intellectuals and artists, including the likes of Winston Churchill, Lawrence of Arabia, Pablo Picasso and Claude Debussy.

Hennessy PrivĂ© glistens with brilliant hues of light amber. On the nose there are characteristic suggestions of damp undergrowth, coupled with elegant touches of ripened fruits.  In the mouth, there are suggestions of fresh mint as well as preserved fruits which together create a velvety structure, pleasingly lifted by flavours reminiscent of praline. 

Type of Beverage
spirits, cognac
Food Pairing
sweet snacks, cocktails, creamy treats
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