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Meukow Vsop Cognac 1L

316.00 AED
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Type of Beverage: cognac, spirits
Food Pairing: cocktails
Country: France
Domaine Pierre Frapin embodies much of the history of the champagne region through his family, installed in the charente since 1270, over twenty generations.During these centuries, it has consolidated a sprawling property with more than 30 Ha. Planted in the center of the premier grand cru of cognac, and within the area known as grande Champagne. Only in this way, with patience, through centuries of history get one of cognacs most representative in the world.The vineyards in Sergonzac, the copper stills red-charente, oak barrels of limousin, and the stillness of the cellars, leading to a miscellany of passion, feelings and emotions that are reflected in the complexity of their products, with a number of records endless and unforgettable.

Straw-yellow colour. Lightweight, dominated by the aromas of vanilla and jasmine. Very floral, elegant and delicate on the nose.

Type of Beverage
cognac, spirits
Food Pairing
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