Bottega Vermouth Rosso 75Cl

130.00 AED
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Country: Italy
Food Pairing: spicy chocolate, cocktails
Type of Beverage: dessert wine
Style: Desset and Fortified
Grapes Variety & Blend: Merlot
Region: Veneto
Vermouth Rosso Bottega is based on a selection of Merlot, one of the most representative wines of a particularly suited territory. Its unmistakable character derives from a natural extract described in an original secret recipe with over 30 herbs, flowers and spices (angelica, bitter and sweet orange zest, absinthe, basil leaves, coriander seeds, marjoram, oregano, clary, radicchio, etc.). Matching a wine with a great personality with an extract featuring multiple hues leads to a product with a unique character. Its full, rich and definitive taste is the synthesis of the distinctive traits of both Veneto and Piedmont: creativity, innovation and winemaking tradition. Color and Appearance : Dark amber. Bouquet : Intense, rich and complex, it is characterized by pleasant spice hints and delicate herbaceous notes, particularly of radicchio, precious gift of the land which gives origin to this aromatized wine. Taste : Velvety and smooth on the palate, its aromaticity is intense and persistent, recalling its bouquet. A bitter note creates a perfect balance with its sweet hints.

Food Pairing
spicy chocolate, cocktails
Type of Beverage
dessert wine
Desset and Fortified
Grapes Variety & Blend
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