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Coopers Sparkling Ale Btl 37.5 CL X 24

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Food Pairing: cocktails
Type of Beverage: beer
Country: Australia
A bold and generously flavoured Ale. Coopers Sparkling Ale is brewed using quality raw materials and century old brewing techniques, which produce a complex flavour which is smooth enough to be very enjoyable with intense fruity and floral characters and displays a crisp bitterness and a full malt character. This beer is a deep amber colour and pours with a lively effervescence producing a solid head. The aroma has a strong malt character with strong esters from the Coopers Ale yeast. The initial flavour imparts a strong malt character with strong hop bitterness. The mid palate displays some toast malt flavour and some sweetness and the finish is well balanced and displays a mild maltiness in the aftertaste which is magnified by the carbonation and a well-balanced after bitterness.

Food Pairing
Type of Beverage