Customers Safety

Centaurus International implemented all the necessary requirements to prevent the spread with regards to the advent of COVID-19.

Our company has been taking extra precautionary measurements to ensure the health of customers, and we can proudly say with confidence that every client can have a peace of mind when purchasing products online or visiting our shop.

Major steps being implemented include but not limited to:

  • Maintaining a clean workplace.

Centaurus International uses approved eco-friendly chemicals that are proven to eradicate viruses and germs, leaving a long-lasting protective coating against new contamination of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces.

  • The safety and security of our customers.

We also equip our entrances with standard supplies including accurate temperature readers, safe distance signs, gloves, hand sanitizer and face masks for clients visiting our store. Furthermore, we also follow the regulations of the World health organization as well as the health authorities of the UAE to ensure your health and comfort are adhered to.

  • Developing preventative measures to all our employees.

Apart from the normal monitoring and supervising precautionary measures deployed, we also added extra cleaning materials to help prevent any incidents. The measures include regulating and supply of hand wash and alcohol based hand sanitizers which are available at multiple locations. Providing Personal Protective Equipment to all staff daily which includes a face masks and gloves.

Medical Centre’s stationed nearby carry out continuous health screenings and are all well-equipped to protect all local business in case of a possible infection.