G.E. Massenez Calvados Vieux Pomme Prisonniere Eau-De-Vie 70Cl

170.00 AED
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Type of Beverage: spirits, cognac
Country: France
G.E. Massenez Calvados Vieux , an apple brandy with a large apple inside the bottle. The producers attach carafes to the branches and slip the tiny developing apple into the bottle, where it grows to maturity. Certainly an eye-catching. Attractive medium-gold color with aromas of apple-cinnamon, cloves, pie crust, caramel and even hints of yellow pear. Dry with a subtle, elegant apple-cinnamon replay. Chill it slightly and serve it as a digestif, or enjoy it with fresh cinnamon scones or baked apples.

Type of Beverage
spirits, cognac