Mapu Rose 75Cl

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Grapes Variety & Blend: Grenache
Food Pairing: pasta, Cold Cuts, salads, cheese
Country: Chile
Type of Beverage: rose wine
Ages & Vintages: 2020
Bright and shiny pale pink with orange reflections. Intense and very fresh. An expolsion of aromas of small red fruits, cherry and raspberry accompanied by delicate notes of sour cherry. The fresh and juicy attack will awaken your taste buds from the first moment. Aromas and flavors of sour cherry, then raspberry are found in mid-palate. Excellent acidity giving a long and tasty finish to this wine which is easily drunk. A very fresh finish and again, notes of small red fruits at the end of the mouth.

Grapes Variety & Blend
Food Pairing
pasta, Cold Cuts, salads, cheese
Type of Beverage
rose wine
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