Mas Andes Carmenere 75Cl

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Country: Chile
Food Pairing: beef, lamb, pasta, poultry
Type of Beverage: red wine
Style: full bodied
Grapes Variety & Blend: Carménère
Ages & Vintages: 2020
Color: Nice dark red. Aroma: Mas Andes Carmenere red wine aroma - excellent! It is outstandingly fruity, perfumed, its acids are calm and lively enough even in the steam. It is rich in blue plum, blueberry and cherry, currant flavors. Cocoa, slightly roasted coffee, caramel, cinnamon and cardamom can be found in it. The presence of few cloves, lemongrass and roasted almonds enhances the fineness of the steam. Taste: Flavors reveal nice tannins and balanced acids, residual sugars. Blue grapes and plums, blueberries, rosehips, cherries, candied pears and plum jam are also there in the initial sips. Silky, velvety, well-drawn, great red wine splashes can be mixed out of it. It has cinnamon, hazelnuts, chocolate, caramel, dates at the end. Oily, creamy, good little drink according to its variety. Finish: Medium length, roasted oilseeds, cocoa, chocolate, fruity, pleasantly acidic, spicy.

Food Pairing
beef, lamb, pasta, poultry
Type of Beverage
red wine
full bodied
Grapes Variety & Blend
Ages & Vintages