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Saki Raki Siyah Uzum Rakisi Black Grape Raki 70cl

198 AED

Saki Raki Siyah Üzüm is made from dark, red grapes. It contains no added sugar. The grapes are distilled in a complex process in copper stills and then macerated with original aniseed from Cesme. Saki Raki Siyah Üzüm (Siyah Üzüm means black grapes) is made from red grapes that ripen in special "tannin tanks" to bring out the special taste. The carefully selected grapes are first distilled in copper kettles in a particularly complex distillation process and then macerated with aniseed from Cesme. The raki is then filtered 10 times and then rests for another 10 months before it is bottled. The dark grapes and the elaborate manufacturing process give the raki a special flavor. The name Sâki is a term for the person at the table who offers and distributes the alcohol. Usually the oldest person in the group is selected for this, or else he or she transfers the task to someone else. Saki Raki is produced by a young company that only completed its production facilities in 2012. In a traditional production process, high-quality and state-of-the-art technology is used to give the raki an incomparable taste and to guarantee the highest quality standards.

  • CountryTURKEY
  • Food PairingCOCKTAILS
  • Type of BeverageSPIRITS, RAKI