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Tbilvino Napareuli Red Dry 75 Cl

The contrasting dry reds of Mukuzani and Napareuli come from controlled appellations on either side of the Alazani River in Kakheti. The vineyards of Napareuli are found on the left bank, where the soil is sandier and contains less clay and smaller stones. Although not as well known as the wines of Mukuzani, Napareuli is regarded as one of Georgia’s top appellations of origin – Saperavi here produces a wine totally unlike other Georgian Wines, with leather, smoke and tobacco on the palate. This is a wine with real local personality; which would be excellent with Sunday roast beef or lamb, moussaka and even with spicy curries.

  • Ages & Vintages2021
  • CountryGEORGIA
  • Grapes Variety & BlendSAPERAVI
  • RegionKAKHETI
  • Type of BeverageRED WINE
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