Tequila Cosmico Anejo Cristalino 75Cl

299 AED

Tequila Cosmico preserves the essence of Agave Azul reflected in its notes, thanks to its step for thirteen months in new toasted American oak barrel, which makes this crystalline aged exceptional. Preferred by many mixologists, because its taste and essence are maintained, being exposed when combined with touch of taste and smell of the ingredients of the widest cocktails. Tasting notes at sight: Completely crystalline with silver details, punctual at first glance. Smell: Highly expressive of its sweet notes of Vanilla and caramel with a great balance of woody notes and roasted nuts. Taste: Its taste confirms with its aroma. Tasty sweet notes of cooked Agave, toasted hints of walnuts and wood with Agave smoke. Finish: It is long, warm, sweet and generates permanence.

  • CountryMEXICO
  • Type of BeverageTEQUILA, AGAVE SPIRITS
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