Two Stacks Irish Whiskey The Blenders Cut Cask Strength 70Cl

201 AED

DESCRIPTION: Adopting the same complex behind our First Cut release. The Blenders cut has been left in all its natural beauty. Bottled at cask strength, a whiskey rich in oils and spice with incredible depth. Beautifully balanced for its abv, it has layers of sweet caramel and fig, flickers of campfire smoke, and wood spice. Best described as a muddy whiskey, the heavy oils provide a wonderfully unique drinking experience coupled with a long and unrelenting finish. TASTING NOTES: NOSE: Deep sap resin, a mix of smoked maple and caramel before finding the distinctive note of sherry lurking in the back. PALATE: An oily beast - a muddy wrestling match of peat and caramel, pulling in rich sultanas and thick virgin oak resin. FINISH: Peat smoke reaching to the back of the throat with a dollop of bread and butter pudding, sweet grain, and leathery moss.

  • CountryIRELAND
  • Type of BeverageSPIRITS, WHISKEY
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