Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 70Cl

85 AED

Description: A blood orange-themed variation of the Whitley Neill Gin recipe! Featuring a generous helping of Sicilian blood orange at its core, this one will really stand out in cocktails and mixed drinks (we reckon it'll probably make a great gintonica, with the balloon glass and fresh fruit garnish and everything. TASTING NOTES: A clean, citrus Gin with Bright, zesty aromas. A smooth crisp taste of the Mediterranean provided by a sweet fruit burst of Sicilian Blood Oranges. Bright citrus notes are up-front, though not one-dimensional. There's intense sweetness, but a touch of waxy orange peel peel balancing it out in the background. Hints of pepper, cassia and thyme honey join in along the way too.

  • CountryFRANCE
  • Type of BeverageGIN, SPIRITS
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