Wines from the finest terroirs in the heart of Romagna

The essence of their wines is sculpted by the interplay of wind and earth. They capture the gentle caress of the hills' breeze, the nourishing embrace of red clay, and their profound admiration for this bountiful region, evident through their transition to organic farming, completed in 2019. Once in the possession of the Fabbri family, celebrated for Edmondo Fabbri's remarkable football accomplishments, Tenuta Masselina currently encompasses 22 hectares, 16 of which are dedicated to vineyards, adorning the hills stretching between Imola and Faenza. Situated within the Serra subzone of Romagna Sangiovese, at altitudes ranging from 50 to 200 meters above sea level, they reside on the cusp of Romagna and Emilia, where traditional Albana and Sangiovese vines harmonize with distinctly Emilian varieties like Pignoletto.