In our own land, the soul of our wine

Nicolis Winery is located in S. Pietro in Cariano, in the heart of Valpolicella Classica. With 42 hectares (103 acres) of vineyards, the Nicolis family has passed on the art of viticulture for generations. After years of wine production for family consumption, in 1951 Angelo, together with his wife Natalia, began to invest in the company for a wider market. Their passion for the production of fine wines encompasses their sons, and now grandchildren, who have deepened their knowledge and expertise with studies in the agricultural and oenological fields. Today there are two brothers at the helm of the company: Giancarlo, who takes care of the vineyards and guarantees the quality of the grapes, and Giuseppe who is the oenologist and follows the winemaking process to protect the purity of the products.