Search for Balance

Belonging to the fourth generation of a lineage deeply rooted in vineyard cultivation and the crafting of characteristic Langhe wines, the family has embarked on a transformative journey. Evolving into the sole winery within the Barolo and Barbaresco region to hold both Demeter's Biodynamic and Organic certifications, a decade marked a profound shift. Termed an awakening by some, individuals discovered their true selves, their roles within a greater whole. This awakening brought about a realization – what once seemed solitary and distinct were integral components of a harmonious system, each element complementing and interacting with the other. This newfound awareness unveiled the captivating intricacy of Lirano hill. The beauty it held revealed itself, prompting an obligation to safeguard and nurture it, to aid its growth, as its magnificence was boundless. In the realm of Lirano, the vines and life find sustenance, the connectivity and interplay between living and inert entities are meticulously tended to. Lirano flourishes as a complete, intricate, dynamic, equilibrium-seeking, and splendid agricultural entity, a testament to the profound bond shared between its caretakers and its vibrant existence.