Wine Producers in Aosta Valley

In their family's lore, it is recounted that around 1781, their maternal ancestor embarked on a descent from the village of Fornet in Valgrisenche. Their purpose was to gather wine and essential nuts in Ollignan, preparing for the arduous mountain winters. The harsh grip of the Little Ice Age plagued the Alps, and the provisions from their modest farmhouse became the lifeline for the impoverished and humble residents. Inheriting the lands through his wife, Grandpa Dauphin began bottling his own wine in 1968 for the "II Exposition des Vins du Val d'Aoste." The success of that exhibition fueled his ambition, leading to the expansion of the farm from 3000 m2 to its present 18 hectares. Over the following years, all five sons, Vincent, Giorgio, Marco, Fernand, and Eraldo, dedicated themselves to the work, each becoming an expert in their respective field. To accommodate the increasing harvests, a new winery was constructed in 2000. Then, in 2011, a significant breakthrough occurred when they mutually agreed to embark on an organic conversion, making them the first winery in Valle d'Aosta to do so. Subsequently, in 2015, further renovations took place to accommodate the production of all 170,000 bottles. At the dawn of 2018, this remarkable torchbearer of Aosta Valley's viticultural tradition passed into the hands of the third Grosjean generation. Hervé, Simon, Didier, and son-in-law Marco inherited the responsibility, carrying forward the mandate with pride.